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Back up your Keys !!

This morning I faced an interesting problem at a client. They had a whole bunch of data – driven subscriptions that had been running smoothly for months , but suddenly stopped working. The error message was "Logon Failed".
Well , I immediatly checked all usernames and passwords , those of the reporting services service, the jobs that were created and I even tried to reset the account used to connect to the database and the unattended execution account by using the RSConfig command. All to no avail. I decided that something must have become corrupt , so I decided to delete the encryption keys and start over. You can do this by using the RsKeyMgmt -d command.
You will however lose some of your stored settings , such as authentication information stored locally in reports for subscription purposes. Therefore , the golden rule is , back up your encryption keys regularly,so when tragedy strikes , you just delete the corrupt ones and restore the working backup. You can do this by using the following command :

RsKeyMgmt -e -f c:\key.snk -p<password>

These are some of the tags :

To restore a previously backed up key you go :
RsKeyMgmt -a -f c:\key.snk -p<password>
Might spare you a headache……
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