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More on Dates in Reporting Services – DateDiff

It seems like you always have to perform comparisons with dates to do conditional formatting in Reporting Services. Many of you will know the DateDiff function :


You can also  :

  • Use Parameters or static fields instead of fields from the dataset ( This applies to most functions )
  • Change the "d" ( which means compare days ) to "M" or "yyyy"

If it doesn’t work , remember that the values you are comparing must be date values. Use "CDate" to convert strings to Date values.

And remember , when you want compare a date to todays date , getdate() won’t work, since this is VB Script not SQL !! Use the Now() command as follows :


If the first date is smaller than the second date , the difference will be a positive number. You need to remember this since normally your expression for conditional formatting is normally something like :

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  1. Todzilla
    February 6, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    You just saved me great time and frustration with this tidbit. Thanks so much!

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