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Point Labels not displaying consistently on Bar Graphs

August 30, 2007 Leave a comment

When doing Bar Graphs in Reporting Services, it’s nice to use point labels to show the values of your data fields. To do this it’s quite easy :

  • Right click on your data value field and select properties ( or on the chart properties box go to the Data tab , select a value and click Edit )
  • Select the Point Labels Tab and click Show Point Labels.
  • Choose the data label and the formatting style.

You can even customise the font attributes and point label positioning. However I stumbled accross a problem recently where if the values of the bars were significantly different from each other , some bars would not display the point labels.

The first thing I tried was to remove the Auto option and position the point label myself manually. This didn’t really help. I then tried adding Side Margins to the chart in order to make it display properly. This is useful if you sometimes have only a few range values and the chart does not quite look right. For example , if you have a chart of sales per month and you only have a months worth of data in the database, you get one large ugly bar the width of the chart. Adding side margins will always add some space on either side and make it look much nicer. The upshot is that adding the side margins to my chart cured the problem of the point labels not rendering on certain bars !! Go figure that one out. To add them in do the following :

  • Go to the chart properties window
  • Select your Axis and select Side Margins

Now the thing to remember here is that if you want margins on the left and right you have to enable it on the Y-Axis, and for the Top and Bottom do it on the X-Axis. ( I would have thought it would be the other way around ). So the default charts in Reporting Services do have a lot of functionality – you just need to play with all the properties to see what’s really possible. Of course , we’re getting Dundas charts in RS 2008 , and that’s something to really look forward to…..:)

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The Twenty-20 World Cup

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

So the cricket Twenty-20 world cup is almost upon us ( due to start on September 11th ). Well, I’m not too excited – I’m not alone in thinking that the whole Twenty-20 concept is a bit shallow and is only there to deepen the pockets of the cricket administrators.  The hit-or-miss game holds nothing for the purist like myself. In fact , I think that it’s actually responsible for the dismal semi-final performance we saw from the South-African team in the world cup semi-final….Would past greats be charging down the wicket in the second over of a World Cup Semi-Final,  facing a strong Australian attack ?
And while I’m ranting, I might mention the whole Kallis debacle. Personally I think that he’s our best batsman , and if you don’t need him for a form of cricket , then maybe it’s not cricket that you’re playing ?
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