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First Look at Reporting Services 2008

I’ve recently started playing with SQL Server "Katmai" , which is the codename for 2008. I’ll be listing anything interesting I find here , but in the mean time , here are some of the features of Reporting Services 2008 :
1) Report Designer – This is the new authoring tool that is seperate from Visual Studio. You don’t need VS anymore to author reports. The windows application does everything you could previously and more. Right now I’m enjoying the "Snap-To" lines and the new grouping options in the Tablix. Even so , the one I have in CTP 4 isn’t as fully featured as the one in  CTP 5 ( and obviously the final product ). For example , the new version has the "office ribbon" at the top for the menu structure.
2) I’m sure you’ve heard of Tablix by now , but if not , it’s the new control that replaces both Table and Matrix. So far I’ve seen nifty features like improved Subtotal options in matrix mode, easier grouping options etc. The new data fields pane is a good idea too. I’ll discuss all of these in forthcoming articles.
3) Improved charting – big news here as we are getting Dundas charts and map functionality. These aren’t in the CTP I have but are coming. What I have seen so far are improved charts with more graphic options, the ability to plot each series as a different type ( going beyond what we had before ) , the ability to edit each chart region without going into the main chart properties box.
4) IIS – We now don’t need IIS to host Reporting Services. The RS Windows Service will control everything, including the Web Service.

Here’s how the Report Designer looks ( will change ) ….

…and here is the new dataset properties window…

…The new Query Editor Window …

…and the chart data options window

Check back for more in-depth articles on each topic. In the mean time , CTP 5 is now available for download !!

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