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How to extract a report from the report server

This one comes up alot. You have some reports on a production Reporting Services server. For some reason, you don’t have or don’t have access to the source code any more. Can you extract the RDL from the Reporting Server ?
Well yes you can. I’ve heard various theories on how you can get it from the database , but there’s a much simpler way. On the Report Properties page, you will see a section further down the page called Report Definition. Here there are 2 options, Edit and Update.

 Report Properties Window
 If you click on Edit , you will get a dialog allowing you to save the actual RDL file.
You can then edit this file in Visual Studio ( or even Notepad !!  ) and re-deploy to the server. Do this for all the reports and you could re-create the solution and back up your source code. The Update option allows you upload a new RDL to replace the report in the Report Catalog.
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