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The BI Bombshell

Microsoft’s recent announcement that it was discontinuing Performance Point Server as a stand-alone product seems to have provoked the usual tide of Redmond bashing from all quarters. “Oh, they’re abandoning all their BI customers!” – Really? Last time I checked, SQL, AS, SSIS and RS were still on the market. And Monitoring and Analytics will be part of the next Sharepoint. We don’t have a planning module anymore though.


So why the fuss ? Because it’s MS, that’s why. In a stunning and equally shameless display of opportunism, one BI Vendor within minutes had an entire spiel on it’s website on how they would step in to ease the pain of Microsoft’s BI customers. Funny, I didn’t see any mention of a planning module there though.


While it is disappointing that planning is canned, overall it looks positive for Microsoft BI. The platform provides tremendous value , and allows customers to create a base on top of which they can add other tools of their choice , if needed. And then there’s Gemini….

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  1. Christo
    January 28, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    I could not agree with you more!It is definitely disappointing that the planning module has been cancelled but moving the monitoring and analytics into the SharePoint offering will make it available to a massive audience with no extra cost. Seems to me that MS has just made enterprise wide BI even cheaper. No wonder the competitors are trying to put as big a negative spin on this as possible. Their very market share is threatened by a move like this, and they are trying to divert all attention away from the massive upside to this move from Microsoft.

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