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Reporting Services 2008: Axis labels not displaying on chart

October 7, 2009 6 comments

The new charts introduced in Reporting Services 2008 are fantastic. There are lots of new features ( explore the property boxes to see the new little tweaks that you can make¬† ), and of course the guages are proving to be very popular. In case you haven’t heard already , the SQL 2008 R2 release of Reporting Services will include Dundas Maps ( I’m already playing with this and will blog on it soon !! ).
Anyway , a minor annoyance with the current charts is that when you create a simple bar chart , for example , you don’t see all the labels on the bottom axis. For example , I’ve created a bar chart plotting sales by month. Without changing any settings , the default result is the following :

Right , so as you can see , the labels on the bottom axis are missing a few months. To correct this , it’s actually quite simple .

  • Right click on the axis in Design View , and select "Axis Properties"
  • Change the "Interval" setting from "Auto" to 1.

That should do it. You’ll end up with the following result.

Also play with the other settings , like "Interval Type" , "Arrow Style" etc. These Dundas charts really do give you options !!

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