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Reporting Services 2008: Axis labels not displaying on chart

October 7, 2009 6 comments

The new charts introduced in Reporting Services 2008 are fantastic. There are lots of new features ( explore the property boxes to see the new little tweaks that you can make  ), and of course the guages are proving to be very popular. In case you haven’t heard already , the SQL 2008 R2 release of Reporting Services will include Dundas Maps ( I’m already playing with this and will blog on it soon !! ).
Anyway , a minor annoyance with the current charts is that when you create a simple bar chart , for example , you don’t see all the labels on the bottom axis. For example , I’ve created a bar chart plotting sales by month. Without changing any settings , the default result is the following :

Right , so as you can see , the labels on the bottom axis are missing a few months. To correct this , it’s actually quite simple .

  • Right click on the axis in Design View , and select "Axis Properties"
  • Change the "Interval" setting from "Auto" to 1.

That should do it. You’ll end up with the following result.

Also play with the other settings , like "Interval Type" , "Arrow Style" etc. These Dundas charts really do give you options !!

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