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Analysis Services UDM – very much alive

There seems to be some anger after the recent announcements at SQL PASS. The big announcement from an Analysis Services perspective was the ability to create whats called the BI Semantic Model ( BISM ), basically a relational model that uses the Vertipaq engine for performance.

Almost immediately people were complaining that after years of investment into the Analysis Services  UDM model ( And MDX skill ) , they are not happy to throw that all away. Well you don’t have to. I think that there was a knee jerk reaction here –  UDM is very much alive and well and people will still be able to write MDX. In fact , one presentation showed that in future you might be able to query the BISM with MDX – so there is that roadmap for the MDX language.

The idea behind this new model seems to be to bring in some simplicity , its aims to be less complex than UDM. UDM will still be there , and will be more powerful but more complex. Perhaps UDM will be used for Tier-1 solutions in future ?

If anything , Analysis Services as a product just got a whole lot better, with a second modeling option now available to you.  This knee jerk reaction takes me back to the Performance Point announcement – Some people don’t realize that PerformancePoint is still alive and actually better since you now get it free with SharePoint Server Enterprise.

If you want to read more , here’s TK Anand’s post

He does mention that there have been some improvements in UDM for Denali.

If anything , I’m surprised that nobody picked up on the Project Crescent limitation where you can only source data from a BISM model. That was more disappointing for me , however lets be honest :

  • The finished product hasn’t launched yet
  • It’s an end user tool so once again simplicity is the focus.

As always , send me your thoughts.

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