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Tablets – The new PDA

March 31, 2011 5 comments

The tablet boom is in full swing, with more and more friends and work colleagues buying these devices. Some are saying that PC’s are in trouble ( I don’t think so ) , while others are saying that the whole tablet thing is just a fad ( not sure about that either ).

What I do know is that I want a tablet. Why ? To read ebooks, browse the web at home , and maybe check mail and use some apps. It will definitely not replace my laptop as Steve Jobs says it will.What I did realize though , is that it will replace my PDA. Hear me out.

I’ve been a PDA user for almost a decade. The early draw was not just mail and appointments , but web surfing ( phones 10 years ago had small screens , the experience was much better on a PDA ) , ebook reading ( not ideal but I’ve read many a book on various PDA’s that I’ve had ), and watching movies ( before the ipod touch came out , for years I watched movies on my Windows Mobile Pocket Loox using the Core Player – and no conversion needed ).

Now while I look to my smartphone ( HTC Mozart with Windows Phone) for the Email and Meeting functionality , the smartphone for me has not really replaced the PDA. I don’t watch movies or play games on my phone , since I’m wary of killing the battery. Although modern phones have better screens than PDAs of yore , I don’t want to read ebooks there , since I’ve already seen what  tablets can do. I do surf the web on my phone , but once again the tablet looks more appealing.

So for me , tablets are the new PDA, with better reading functionality. And I couldn’t be more happy. You see , when smartphones killed PDA’s , I was actually annoyed, becuase I didn’t actually want to do everything on my phone. I held on to a combination of my old Pocket Looz and my iPod Touch + whatever phone I was using at the time.

But now that the tablet revolution is here – the only question is – which model to buy ?

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