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Tablets killed the Smartphone star….

So…… I’ve been a tablet owner for a couple of months now. I decided to get an iPad 2 for now while waiting for Windows 8 tablets to come out. The model in particular is a white 32GB 3G model ( you have to get 3G ). And overall the experience has been good. My likes :

  1. Fast , responsive interface
  2. Long battery life
  3. Great ebook reading ( and PDF’s on iBooks )

So far , I have used my tablet mostly for ebook reading and web surfing. I loaded plenty of apps during week one , but honestly the apps I use the most are Opera, to surf the web , and the facebook ( MyPad ) and twitter apps. And of course , iBooks to read books , although I believe that there are better readers out there. The games are nice , but not nice enough for me to consider this a gaming platform. I don’t like touch based controls for a serious game that I actually pay money for.

Now , as for the actual apps that various websites offer ( for example , The Economist or the Wall Street Journal ) , I have found that this a total waste of time. Many of these look fancy , but firstly , I like to surf websites with multiple tabs open , so that I can switch between them. Secondly , the snazzy presentation gets old quickly and then I feel “locked in” to these. And switching between these apps isn’t great. Of course , they tailor the menu’s for touch , which beats zooming in on a website , but overall I prefer reading on the web as opposed to apps.

Now for my biggest dislike  – productivity. Unlike some people , I don’t think that the iPad replaces my notebook at all. While typing quick mails on the on screen keyboard is ok , anything else is cumbersome. The bulit in email client, once again , is ok for quickly reading mails , but not much else.

Getting back to the headline – this will surprise many people. My iPad hasnt replaced my notebook at all – what it has done is replace my smartphone. Since getting this device , I use my phone only for making calls. If I need to surf and my notebook is  off, I use the tablet. If I need to check mail , I use the tablet. Same with Facebook and Twitter. I actually think that I can now get away with the combination of a “Dumb” phone and a tablet, and then enjoy the great battery life that a “dumb” phone brings with it. This, for me , is the real benefit of the tablet – an enhanced portable content consumption experience. On the PC though , for me at least , nothing has really changed.

Would love to hear your thoughts….

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  1. Kr00l
    May 6, 2012 at 7:43 am

    I have also come to the same conclusion. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Vibrant phone when it came out. I loved it for checking email and on the go web browsing. I never used it for any real work. I recently bought a Samsung Tab 7 Plus. Now I have no use for my Vibrant. I’m tired of paying high cellphone bills so I’m buying a “feature” phone.

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