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Win 8 Release Preview

After a busy month ( no blog updates ! ), I’ve just installed Windows 8 Release preview and have been using it for a day. I must say , there isn’t huge amount of difference between this and the Consumer Preview , but there are a few important additions.

The biggest one is the ability to use metro a secondary screen. This is massive because Metro apps look gorgeous on my Samsung monitor compared to the laptop Screen. It also seems to be easier to “pick up” the corners of the screen for things like the charms bar ( yes you can even do this on the second screen now ). Another nice feature are the Sports and News apps that now come with Windows ( having said that , where’s Hydro Thunder that was in the CP store ?  ). The Metro mail app is better but still not great.

If you’re thinking of trying the release preview here’s a tip – installing it on a VM won’t give you the full experience – especially with multiple monitors. Rather do a proper install on a machine and if you don’t like it you can always uninstall after a few days. Me ? I’m keeping it …..

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