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Shape shifters are here !

Well Windows 8 has landed , and with it…. shape shifters. No , not what you’re thinking ( I actually don’t know what you’re thinking ) . Shape shifters ( convertibles? ) are basically laptop PC’s that can swing around their screens to become tablets. We were promised something of a PC revolution with Windows 8 , with the new touch interface being the biggest change to Windows since ’95. What many didn’t realize though , is that with it we would see all types of interesting hardware devices surface as well ( see what I did there ). And the first batch are here…..

Engadget has just reviewed the new Dell XPS 12 : here

Looks quite interesting. If you’re too lazy to click the link , here’s a pic of what the beast looks like

Now this is all interesting because we could be looking at the future here. Even with tablets being more and more popular , notebooks aren’t going away. You’ll still see them at airports, coffee shops etc. But how will they all look in a few years time ? They’ll be smaller , yes. They will all have touch screens, I’ve already mentioned that before. But will the average joe embrace this form factor for his basic notebook ? I’ll have to use this first to gauge an opinion – its definitely not going to replace a tablet in tablet mode. But it might be tablet enough for those unwilling to fork out for 2 devices.

While the above might seem trivial to some , I’m just happy that we’re seeing some excitement in the PC industry again. ( Recently , the only articles about PC’s were predicting the death of my favourite gadget ). For that reason alone we can be happy that Windows 8 is what it is.

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