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SQL 2016 requires ….Oracle ?

August 6, 2015 Leave a comment

OK , that’s a click-bait headline….. but its not totally untrue.

When I installed SQL 2016 for the first time on a VM, the install initially failed the list of checks due to 2 items. One was an update for Windows Server that wasn’t installed , but the other was an update for Oracle Java ( JRE ). Now this was puzzling to me – since when does SQL Server require Java ?

The answer lies in one of SQL 2016s most interesting features – Polybase.

Polybase is Microsoft’s “SQL-over-Hadoop” solution , a layer that allows you to write SQL and query relational and non-relational data. Originally launching with the APS appliance, the inclusion in 2016 is a milestone. So why Java ? Remember that MapReduce scripts are typically written in Java.

Sql 2016 allows you to query data from a connected Hadoop or HD Insight instance , a true sign of the Big Data times that we live in.

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